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Colleges are looking for students with character and integrity. They are not just hunting for the best grades and scores. They are asking the question, what would this person contribute to our campus; how would they make the world around them a better place.

My goal is that my students can see themselves happy to be at each school they apply to. Finding this match, and winnowing it down to a realistic and positive list is central to what I do. I judge my success not by where the students get accepted, but by how they feel about themselves along the way; what they discover about themselves during the process; by how they are changing their approach toward school work; and what writing, organizational and strategic skills they learn which they will take through life.

The best way to assess my abilities would be to talk to my seniors (see photos from my recent Sunday supper) and their parents: Are they excited or daunted by the college application process? Do they think they are headed for a wipe-out or a great adventure? Do they think they are being heard and understood by me?

My strength is in helping students with learning differences, and those without an LD, connect the many pieces in the overwhelming college search and application process.

My approach is to aid students in identifying what they want from their college experience.

I assist students in designing a search strategy that selects a group of schools that match their unique learning style, academic and extracurricular needs, and their potential for growth.

My ultimate goal is to create a structured process that encourages a student's independence so that they become their own advocate.

I love working with teens, particularly those who are motivated and enthusiastic. It makes the entire process more rewarding.

Dear Sharon,
I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me since the beginning of my college process. Since it's all just part of your job, I'd just like to say you have done wonders and I hoped to think you see me as a friend, as I do you. Your motivational skills are unparalleled and you truly helped and encourage me through every stage of this whole procedure. Our work together deserves a lot of credit for my acceptance at USC, as I hope you are aware.

Thank you,

William Fay
USC, class of 2011

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