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Getting to Know You

I send a questionnaire to your child that is returned to me several days before our first meeting. This helps me know who they are, what they’ve done, what they value, how they like to learn, and what they want from their education.

Finding The Fit

My approach is to help your son or daughter identify appropriate campus settings that accommodate their unique learning style, their interests, and preferences. I help them to be practical and realistic in gauging their chances for admission, so they apply only to colleges where they can feel comfortable learning and living.

Discovering Your Own Voice

Use the essay and other questions to tell your story in a way that leaves a lasting impression. My role is to help the student bring their interests, experience, and dreams to the application.


Revealing a True Picture

The way in which to present and disclose the student's learning style varies by college. In concert with the student, I prepare a roadmap with essay and testing requirements, as well as a "learning difference disclosure" strategy for each school.

Going Deeper

I help the student understand the value of going beyond the tour and information session. Meeting students and faculty transforms a campus visit. Understanding each college's requirements to graduate, given the student's learning difference, is also important. Meeting another student with a similar learning style, and visiting the on-campus support center are invaluable.

Ongoing Communication

Most of all, it is important that the student work closely with his or her school college counselor, staying in touch on a regular basis. The college counselors maintain constant contact with the universities. While I understand learning differences, they have the greatest influence on the student's candidacy.

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I might be stating the obvious but my daughter LOVES you! She said tonight that she always comes away from her time with you feeling so inspired and motivated. What a gift you have. What a wonderful person you are. I cannot begin to thank you for being a part of this process. You are amazing.

Senior Parent
Stanford 2012

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