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Sophomore Year

We would meet a couple of times, focusing on your interests and goals, course selection, extra-curricular activities, and summer opportunities.

Junior Year

Starting mid-year, we begin assessing your academic and personal profile, and finding out where you would be most comfortable as a student. Here, we are matching you with college students with similar interests, aspirations, and abilities.

You will begin researching schools, organizing the burgeoning incoming information continuing to improve your profile, setting up testing schedules, and applying for accommodations if needed. In addition, we prepare you for how to get the most out of your college visits, which can include attending some classes, or meeting students with learning differences on the campuses. For some students, we practice interviewing, so you become more comfortable talking to admissions officers, professors and alumni.

By the summer before senior year, we help you get ready to write the applications, e.g., plan the letters of recommendation requests, brainstorm essay topics, and guide you in the essay and application process.

Senior Year

This is an intense period of balancing your normal workload on top of the demands of writing college applications. Making daily progress is key. It’s important to stay on track, while being enthusiastic and focused.

We show you how to map out the application strategy so that you present who you are to each school in a genuine, natural way. You might take a final college visit to settle on your favorite schools. Together with your junior grades, your last round of standardized tests, your interests and activities, and your reactions to the college visits, we can help you refine your college list. I have organizational and tracking tools that will help you to stay on top of this process.

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Hey Sharon,

As I get farther into the semester I've been remembering back to where I was a year ago at this time and have just been so happy about where I am. It's just reminded me of how thankful I was to have you to help me through the transferring process and the support you provided. I just couldn't be happier about Wake and my decision to transfer, and I guess I just wanted to say thank you and that I'm thinking of you. I have no idea whether any of your students this year are thinking about Wake Forest, but PLEASE PLEASE let me know if there are any I can talk to or host; I would absolutely love to! Give my best to your family.


Kendra Sawyer
Wake Forest, class of 2010

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